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Celestial Mapping

Complete and comprehensive natal chart identifying your uniqueness,  the story of your life, soul purpose and direction. We will examine current transiting planets and the impact they bring forth. This session is detailed and can be transformational. 

90 minutes
Fee: $194.00


Also known as ‘locational astrology,’ is a path to celestial mapping using geography, and achieved by placing your birth data over the map of the earth. This reading renders a precise analysis of each planet as it exists on your natal chart. During this reading, we focus on those areas and regions, in the globe, most favorable and impactful to you.

60-75 minutes
Fee: $167.00

Solar Return

A new cycle… your story every year on the day the Sun returns to the same place in the heavens where it was the day you were born. This reading is a thorough look into the angles aspecting this fresh new period in your life.

60-75 minutes
Fee: $144.00


What will this new little one be like? Find out your baby’s singular personality, traits, talents and whims. This reading includes your child’s birth chart, printed in beautifully-hued silk paper, and matted.

60 minutes
Fee: $114.00

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