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December 19, 2021by Ellie0

Full Moon in Gemini… last Full Moon of 2021!

This is a powerful moon, and it is an excellent time to be imaginative, inquisitive, and to center on personal changes and viewpoints. 

Zest and vitality are flowing above (Heaven)…as below (Earth.) And this energy will be felt with intensity. The last couple of years have been challenging in many ways – we have all been touched by unimaginable tension…but we have also toughened up and have learned to maneuver through barriers which have shaped us with enormous resilience. 

The growth and evolution we have experienced will carry on into 2022, and I invite you to continue to connect to the restorative and healing force of Mother Earth. Closeness and kinship with nature will keep us grounded and receptive; and will allow our inner compass to guide us as we quietly listen to our focal wisdom into unity and well-being.

Let us also remember that Gemini embraces communication and social activities. Holiday parties and celebration with family and friends are also important to cherish, as we affirm Gemini’s qualities when we bid farewell to 2021.

Wishing you a blessed 2022.

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