AstroFull Moon Cancer 2022

January 17, 2022by Ellie0

Honoring our tenderness…

Emotional, sentimental, vulnerable…this Full Moon in Cancer is deeply immersed in contemplation and nurturing energy.

Self-reflection and renewal are being asked of us, as we acknowledge the delicate qualities of this Cancer Full Moon. That, together with the appreciation of both Venus and Mercury seemingly moving in reverse (retrograde), signals an opportunity for a quiet retreat of sorts, since it is a crucial time for slowing down. Meditation and journaling would be ideal during this time, as we review our path and groove.

By being serene, we will cultivate a powerful foundation and reap positive rewards. And keep in mind that Venus will be back in direct motion on January 29th, and Mercury on February 3rd.

Happy First Full Moon of the year!

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