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May 15, 2022by Ellie0

A beautiful time to ‘come home to yourself…’

Welcome to the Super Flower Blood Moon in Scorpio and Total Lunar Eclipse! When the night will deepen in a transformative shield, launching us into greater consciousness. This red moon will emerge at 9:32pm EDT tonight, May 15th, 2022, showering us with surprises and also shaking things up.

It is one of the most important lunar events of this year, and a great moment to look at endings and new beginnings. Let us say goodbye to what no longer serves us, shedding all that’s holding us hostage… and moving on to new starts, as we center ourselves on the power of Now.

The fixed force of this Super Flower Moon is calling for us to focus on accuracy and intention. Let’s be confident and dedicated to our spiritual truth and allow uncertainty to dissolve in the waters of Scorpio.

An atmospheric and fateful cycle of global karma, usually influenced by the blood moon and which started in June of 2020, will reach its completion with the onset of this eclipse…Mercury Retrograde permitting, which may bring interruptions and distractions. Keep in mind that Mercury wants us to inspect and improve when inverted. So, tonight…gaze at the moon and meditate, as you design your wishes, goals and desires.


– Ellie

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