AstroFull Moon In Virgo 2023

March 7, 2023by Ellie0

“Welcome to the “Worm Moon”

“Welcome to the ‘Worm Moon’,  Full Moon in Virgo, announcing that spring is on its way. March brings with it renewal, as we leave behind what no longer serves us, and move forward…welcoming change.

This Virgo Moon is intense and focused. It is analytical and detailed-oriented. So, it may be time for spring cleaning and getting organized; and remember that, Virgo being an Earth sign, this month is ideal for walks in nature and outdoor activities. Carry a Carnelian or Citrine stone with you. They work well with the sign of Virgo and the planet Mercury, its ruler.

Keep it all light and simple as much as possible… Virgo is extremely judgmental, so keep self-critique at bay, to bring in clarity and peace of mind.

And, stay tuned… tomorrow I will write about many other goodies going on above, among the stars!”

– Ellie

March 7th, 2023

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