AstroSaturn in Pisces 2023

March 8, 2023by Ellie0

Saturn has entered the sign of Pisces, oh dear! More about this in a bit, because it is also important to point out that Saturn and Neptune are now neighbors…both residing in Pisces.

Although these two planets are not conjunct, and will not be until 2025, they are…you might say, living together under the same sign. Ancient astrology used to consider two planets in one house or sign as conjunct, and that’s not the case presently…still, these powerful heavenly bodies will be active in Pisces for a while.

Now…about Saturn entering Pisces, which just occurred, we will be tapping into BIG energy. As Saturn transits Pisces until 2026, karmic lessons may be learned. Saturn is, after all, the stern master of karma and teacher who will make sure we get our work done. Yep!

Pisces is a compassionate water sign, and highly spiritual. Its desire for us, through this transit, will be to center ourselves into a greater calling; and Saturn may want to push us into being more down-to-earth and functional.

There will be back-and-forth between these two forces…understand it, and be prepared to perhaps face necessary endings, as we see through past events which request to be cleared. Remember Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac…and Saturn here does indicate the closure of a circle, or cycle.

Focus your attention at that which brings you joy. Tend to your passions, be gentle with yourself and stay connected to the ethereal side in you. Saturn will appreciate your endeavor and discipline.



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