AstroFull Moon in Taurus 2021

November 21, 2021by Ellie0

This Full Moon arrived at 3:59am EST today, November 19th, 2021. With it also enters a Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Taurus, and it signals the start of eclipse season. On December 4th, we will experience a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 

During a cycle of eclipses our emotions could intensify, and it could also reveal our tendencies to resistance, especially to shifts we have decided to make in our lives. Let’s put in added intention so as not to block any blessings from the Full Moon. It is my suggestion that we maneuver these upcoming days gracefully as we continue to evolve to a higher version of ourselves.

Taurus is an earth sign, grounded and steady…and appreciates simple, yet delightful experiences. It is a wonderful time to indulge in activities which are nourishing to our Souls.


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