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November 4, 2021by Ellie0

A New Moon Cycle has begun. This time in Scorpio…

It can feel deep, intense and powerful…since this new phase lends itself to inner work. Going within and connecting to both our shadow, as well as  the lighter side of ourselves would be fitting during this period. Be aware that energies could be sensed as hair-raising and electrifying thanks to Uranus’ influence.

Scorpio energy is dramatic and life-changing…mostly centered on death and rebirth. In other words, shift and renewal could be in the cards.

Writing down intentions of things we may want to change or move away from is a recommended ritual. Use a crystal that speaks to you, iight a favorite candle and allow the process of releasing to take place. You may want to hold on to your written objective by placing it on your altar, or discard it in a way which feels comfortable.

During this rotation, I will be working with/using clear quartz and labradorite crystals. Frankincense and Sage will be my essences of choice, and am finding a  kinship to shades of hunter green.

Which fragrances and stones speak to you?

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