AstroLibra New Moon 2021

October 6, 2021by Ellie0

Libra New Moon! And as I always say…each new moon offers a new beginning and a fresh start. This new moon also gives us the opportunity to intensify our relationships. 

Libra is an air sign and those born under this sign love being with and around other people. They aim to connect, tend to be well-balanced and are great friends/partners. They also prefer to compromise and keep the peace.

This is a good time to define and clarify any misunderstandings circling us presently. It is an excellent juncture to engage in honest conversations and head into a new, crisp path with a special someone. Remember it is important to observe and listen as well as voicing any concerns. If single, today is a beautiful day to set the intention to manifest that partner for whom you may be longing.

We are experiencing six planets in air at the moment…so let’s communicate, be more fun-loving, spontaneous and free-spirited.


Happy Libra New Moon!

October 6th, 2021

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