AstroAutumn Equinox 2021

September 22, 2021by Ellie0

Photo by Ellie Manso Kane

Leaves changing on my Maple Tree
Early autumn mornings, everyone asleep
The house is quiet and hushed
The grandfather clock
echoes soft rhythmic ticks
Dim light appears as the sun starts to rise
A cool breeze floats through an open window
Coffee brews and breakfast sizzles
Soft blankets and a purring cat,
Autumn has begun


The meaning of Equinox is ‘equal night,’ and it usually occurs between September 20th-22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and Night are balanced, at approximately equal length everywhere on earth during the Autumn Equinox, and a special time to offer gratitude. It is also a day to celebrate the coming of an abundant harvest.

I like to integrate the four elements: water, earth, air and fire, as I connect to Mother Earth by outlining the course of the seasons, nature, harmony and good will.

Wishing you a beautiful Fall!

September 22nd, 2021

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